Our practice was founded by Leonard Brown in 2007, with the purpose of helping client companies become more profitable and more valuable.  That mission remains our ethos, motivation and passion today.


By design, Profit Analytics is a ‘specialist' consultancy.  We don't seek to be ‘all things to all men' or offer the answer to every potential management problem a client might face.  Instead, we focus on the business-critical task of radical profit improvement - in which specialisation and experience count.


From the beginning, our Belfast based practice has proven it is well located to provide a cost effective service to clients anywhere within Britain or Ireland.  Much of our time during the last few years has been spent working with and alongside clients in Scotland, England, and Wales as well as those in Ireland.


However, importantly and increasingly, using on-line facilities can mean a much more efficient use of both our client's time and ours - and, effectively, removes the practical geographic barriers that might have previously existed.


Talk to us today to see how we might be able to help you significantly improve your profits.