Our aim is to help our client businesses become more profitable, quickly, using rapid pay-back projects. 


There are seven key factors in how we go about doing that…


1 - We support our clients ONLINE


We don’t need to be in the same office to have face-to-face discussions with them or to view each other’s computer screens.


Supporting clients, online, is more flexible, more time efficient, and more cost effective.  And it overcomes the geographical barriers that otherwise limit who we can serve.


2 - We use 90-Day projects


It’s amazing what can be achieved in just 90-days by a project with clear objectives and focussed effort.


If you work with us, we’ll facilitate your project.  We’ll explain, step-by-step what needs to be done and why, how we recommend you do it, what sort of issues you’ll face and what sort of outcomes you should expect. 


We’ll answer your questions and queries and suggest how you might overcome obstacles you come up against – as and when you do.


But, importantly, your project will be run by you and staffed by your team - alongside their normal ‘day-job’.  It’ll build capacity, a deeper understanding of your business and a sense of accomplishment.


3 - We focus on a handful of tools/techniques


Thirty years of experience has led us to hone-down to a handful, the number of tools and techniques we use to help a business pinpoint where and why it’s ‘leaking profit’.


Each one looks at the business from a different perspective.  Each examines different aspects of the business and its ‘bottom-line’, in differing degrees of depth.  And each is a separate ‘module’ in the way we structure and support a project.


4 - We minimise the project preamble


We’ve cut-out the on-site research, data checking and formal ‘proposals’ that typically precede profit improvement projects.  We’ve replaced them with a relaxed 20 minute video-link chat and being given a few key facts, numbers and perhaps, samples.


It saves time and cost – and means a project can start earlier and deliver benefits sooner.


5 - We offer clients three different support packages to choose from


The level of support a client needs from us once a project is underway - largely depends upon their existing in-house capabilities and capacity.


Each step and stage of your project will be fully explained.


The level of support you want from us will depend upon...
1) How you prefer your questions and queries to be answered as you work-through your project, and... 
2) Whether you need us to do some of the ‘number-crunching’ for you. 


6 - We recommend starting with just one technique


We believe there’s a natural order or sequence for using the tools and techniques we recommend.  And if you decide you’d like us to work with you, we’ll suggest you start by using just one of them.


Our initial 20 minute ‘chat’ will normally be enough to allow us to assess which of the modules would likely be the best starting point for your business.


7 - Our fees depend upon the choices a client makes.


Each of the three modules/techniques we use is different.  Each examines the business from a different perspective, and in different depth and detail.  Each involves a greater or lesser content.


If you ask us to work with you, our fees for your project will be pre-determined based upon which module (or modules) you decide to use and the level of support you ask us to provide.


If our approach interests you - and you’d like to find out a bit more, click on the tab below and we’ll arrange a 20 minute slot for an informal chat.


It won’t commit you to anything - and you won’t be given a sales pitch. 


Instead, we’ll explain the process, we’ll explain the tools and techniques we use – and what each is designed to do - and we’ll explain the three levels of support available.


Based upon what you tell us, we’ll suggest which modules and what level of support seem most appropriate for your business, presently, and explain why that is.


That ‘chat’ should give us both some idea of whether working together might be a good fit.

Help Start Improve Your Business’ Profits in 90 days

One-Day Workshop


This workshop is designed to help accounting professionals identify…

Why their business isn’t delivering the profits it should


What needs be done to turn it around, quickly

It’s designed to help them help their business START improving profits within 90 days.

Finance Business Partnering

Half-Day Workshop

(Next Workshop Date Pending)


If you are…
• An accounting professional wondering what FBP is all about
• An FD/CFO wondering whether it’s ‘right’ for your organisation, now.

• You have the job title – but you’re struggling to make sense of it all...
This will be 3+ hours well spent.

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