Profit Analytics is a niche profit improvement practice founded by Leonard Brown in 2007, and working out of Belfast, Northern Ireland. 


Our clients are mostly small and medium sized businesses that are ‘busy’ but either loss-making or not returning the profits they should. 


We work with manufacturers, processors, distributors, wholesalers and professional services providers. 


Our aim is simple: help our clients become more profitable, quickly, at a cost to them that's paid-back in weeks.


Our aim is our client’s results should start to show a tangible profit improvement within 90 days of beginning their project.  And they should be able to forecast at least an eight times payback on our fees within the first 12 months after the project is complete.

First, we narrow-down the field...

‘Busy’ businesses clearly have products or services their customers want and are buying. 
The problem the businesses we work with face is those sales aren’t generating the profits they need or deserve. 


We help their owners and managers identify why that is and what needs be done to turn their business around, quickly.

Then it’s about getting the process right...


We start by mapping-out a process and programme they’re comfortable with: one that suits the size and nature of their business.  


At each stage we explain, step-by-step, ‘what’ needs to be done, ‘why’ it needs be done and ‘how’ to do it. 


We agree ‘who’ is going to do ‘what’ – and ‘when’.


And we support them throughout that programme - in the way they have chosen. 

In our earlier years, we used the traditional ‘boots on the ground’ approach to these projects.  We spent lots of time working alongside clients in Scotland, England, and Wales - as well as in Ireland.


But the world has moved-on since then - and so have we. 


Today we support our clients ‘on-line’.  We don’t need to be in the same office to have face-to-face discussions with them - or to view each other’s computer screens.


That means we’re able to help more businesses than before, we’re not constrained by geography, and we can serve our clients more flexibly and more cost effectively, too.

I’m Leonard Brown – and if you work with us, I’ll be your main contact. 


I’ve over 30 years’ experience of helping businesses improve their profitability. 


Many of those years were spent working ‘inside’ one business or another - either as their ‘Finance’ guy (I’m an FCMA) – or as their General Manager (tasked to turnaround that business). 


When I took time to look back, I recognised that whichever role I’d been in, the part of the job I’d enjoyed most was helping discover why a business wasn’t delivering the results it deserved – and what needed be done to improve it. (And that probably explains why I studied for and earned a Master’s in Business Improvement from the University of Ulster Business School) 


So in 2007, I left my General Manager’s role in a large corporate to start this practice and to help more businesses improve their profits. 


And that’s what I continue to do today.

If you like what you’ve heard so far and want to find out a bit more, click on the tab below and we can arrange a 20 minute slot for an informal chat. 


It won’t commit you to anything - and you won’t get a sales pitch from me.  We’ll just discuss your situation, explore whether this approach might be a good one for your business - and get some idea of whether working together might be a good fit.


On-line workshop
Thurs 29 June 2017
12:00 - 14:00 (BST)

If you're the owner or a senior manager of a small or medium sized business  that's 'busy' but either loss-making - or not as profitable as it should be, this workshop could prove the most profitable two hours for your business that you’ll spend this year










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