Our aim is to help our client businesses become more profitable, quickly, using rapid pay-back projects.


We want their results to start showing a tangible improvement within 90 days of them beginning a project with us - AND we want them to be able to forecast at least an eight times ‘payback’ on our fees within the first 12 months after the project’s completion.


Of course, that means we’ve got to be very clear who it is we best serve. And we are. 


We work mostly with small and medium sized businesses that are ‘busy’ but either loss-making or not returning the profits they deserve.


We work mostly with manufacturers, processors, distributors, wholesalers and professional services providers.


They’re a good ‘fit’ for the approach we adopt


Knowing a business is ‘busy’ helps us quickly narrow-down what’s likely causing its results to be what they are.


It tells us it’s not simply a ‘volume’ problem: it’s not just a case of 'sell more' and it’ll be OK.  And it's not a case of the business trying to sell products or services its customers don't value.


It goes deeper than that.


You see, in our experience much of the potential profit these businesses earn never reaches their bottom-line. 


Instead, it’s ‘leaked’ on sales that contribute too little to their costs - and it’s ‘leaked’ on costs that aren’t justified by the activity being undertaken.


Even in ‘profitable’ businesses, that ‘leakage’ can be huge


And when that’s what’s happening, the best thing a business can do to quickly improve its bottom-line, is to ‘fix’ its ‘profit leaks’ (or at least, reduce them). 


But before it can ‘fix’ the ‘leaks’ – it’s got to find them. 

That means…

  • It’s got to know what it’s looking for
  • It’s got to choose the right tools for the job, and
  • It’s got to know when and how to use them.  


And in our experience, most businesses don’t know how best to go about it. 


That’s where we can help.  


That’s what we help businesses do. 


We help owners and managers identify why their business isn’t delivering the profits it should - and what needs be done to turn them around, quickly. 


You see…while it’s true every business is different, that doesn’t mean each project has got to start with a totally clean sheet. 


The type of issues we’re looking for, the tools and techniques we’ll use and how we’ll go about the process won’t be unique.  They’ll be similar from one project to another.


So rather than starting every project from scratch, we help our clients work through a series of steps that does precisely what experience has taught us they need do to find and ‘fix’ the ‘profit leaks’ in their business.


We start by mapping-out a process and programme they’re comfortable with: one that suits the size and nature of their business.  


Then we help them use a handful of tried and tested techniques to…

  • Check-out their business from several different perspectives
  • Pinpoint what’s preventing it from returning the profits it deserves, and
  • Highlight what they need do to turn their business around

At each stage we explain, step-by-step, ‘what’ needs to be done, ‘why’ it needs be done and ‘how’ to do it. 


We agree ‘who’ is going to do ‘what’ – and ‘when’.


And we support them throughout that programme - in the way they have chosen.

If what we do sounds interesting - and you’d like to find out a bit more, click on the tab below and we’ll arrange a 20 minute slot for an informal chat.


It won’t commit you to anything - and you won’t get a sales pitch.  We’ll just discuss your situation, explore whether our approach might be a good one for your business - and get some idea of whether working together might be a good fit.

Help Start Improve Your Business’ Profits in 90 days

One-Day Workshop


This workshop is designed to help accounting professionals identify…

Why their business isn’t delivering the profits it should


What needs be done to turn it around, quickly

It’s designed to help them help their business START improving profits within 90 days.

Finance Business Partnering

Half-Day Workshop

(Next Workshop Date Pending)


If you are…
• An accounting professional wondering what FBP is all about
• An FD/CFO wondering whether it’s ‘right’ for your organisation, now.

• You have the job title – but you’re struggling to make sense of it all...
This will be 3+ hours well spent.

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